December 14, 2011 Headlines: Revolt in China, Government Shutdown Coming, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/14/2011

NYT: A rural Chinese village is openly defying the authorities.

The Hill: The House passed a payroll tax bill last night, will the Senate follow? A government shutdown looms.

WSJ: According to a new poll, the current Congress is one of the worst.

WaPo: How many jobs need to be created to reach 8% unemployment in a year?

MM: China’s economy may be slowing, but it’s certainly not a crash.

WaPo: The Fed refuses to take any action this week, citing the potential for moderate growth in the coming year.

WSJ: China’s central banks are taking action to make lending easier.

WaPo: According to the IMF, Greece is not making necessary reforms quick enough.

 WSJ: Despite good employment numbers, there are still four unemployed people for every job opening.

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