December 13, 2011 Headlines: Detroit Sees Growth, President's Manufacturing Initiative, China's Slowing Economy, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/13/2011

Detroit Free Press: The Big Three all saw a gain in market share in 2011.

The Hill: President Obama has named two people to head up an initiative to rebuild the manufacturing sector. Hopefully this is more than just window dressing.

WaPo: China’s economy could face a hard landing.

Matt Yglesias: Manufacturing jobs vs. food prep. See if you can spot the errors.

WSJ: Despite widespread international outrage, the Chinese government is still not cracking down on software piracy.

The Hill: The U.S. Trade Representative is reopening the case into the E.U.’s illegal subsidies of Airbus.

Paul Krugman: The dollar and inflation.

WSJ: CFOs see slow growth in 2012.

The Guardian: A Chinese protester dies of a “heart attack” in police custody, and his family isn’t buying the story.

AP: Chinese military influence is expanding in the Indian Ocean.

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