December 12, 2013: Uh, an economic boom?

Posted by mmcmullan on 12/12/2013

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It’s cold as a mug in DC today (at least it is by DC standards, where chilly weather isn’t handled very well; you should see how we respond to snow storms around here). But you know what’s getting hotter? The world economy, lead by the U.S.!

So sayeth a report from Bloomberg that takes a very “big picture” survey of economic indicators. It predicts a booming stock market, more consumer spending, and a recovering housing market will all add to global economic growth. It also mentions that the American unemployment rate dropped to 7 percent.

Boy howdy, the economic recovery is booming! Can’t you feel it in the air? No? No, the wealth generated by all of this growth could stand to get spread around a little bit. That 7 percent unemployment rate is still high, and the pace of job creation in America’s middle-income manufacturing sector remains way off pace. We need more jobs, jobs, and jobs, and we need them now -- especially since all of the very smart people in Washington deemed it a good idea to cut long-term unemployment insurance for those who just can’t find a job.

Elsewhere around the web:

This morning: The U.S. Department of Energy announced $150 million in tax credits to invest in U.S. clean energy manufacturing. According to a press release, 12 businesses will use the tax credits to purchase domestic manufacturing equipment and help create thousands of American jobs. Energy efficient buildings, fuel efficient vehicles, and renewable energy are among the projects included.

FWIW: A labor group monitoring three Chinese factories that make Apple products say they see an improvement in working conditions, reports the Associated Press.

And in other China news...

Get up! Get off the couch and finish your holiday shopping! But when you hit the bricks, try to Buy American. Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul and Alex Bogusky from the Made Movement make the case for American-made gifts:

From athletic footwear to flatscreen TVs, there are companies manufacturing in America today. And while you may expect to pay a premium for American-made quality, you'd be surprised at how easily those on tight budgets can find gifts at competitive prices.

Read the whole thing here.

Because seriously, it’s gift-giving season, America. And while you’re out there doing your holiday shopping, whether in-person or online, your pals at AAM hope you keep your purchases Made in the U.S.A.

Why? AAM President Scott Paul said it thusly:

We consume too much from overseas, and we don’t produce enough here to make up the difference. That burdens us with debt and leaves us with fewer jobs. There is a solution and it may sound quaint, but it’s never been truer than it is today: Buy American.

Easier said than done? Not if we help you out! We’ve posted a list of 51 American-made gifts suggestions, one from every state (and the District of Columbia). Throughout the month of December we’ll continue providing you with ideas, tips, and tricks. So check out our Holiday page often, as we’ll update it frequently.

Have an American-made gift that you’re giving, or coveting? We want to hear about it. Tweet it to @KeepItMadeinUSA or email us: info [at] aamfg [dot] org.

Happy Thursday, America! It’s practically Friday already.


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