Debbie Stabenow steps up for Michigan's workforce

Posted by mmcmullan on 09/06/2013

We’re working hard to make job creation easier in Michigan. But we aren’t the only ones – this week, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich) saw an opportunity to make an already cool statewide workforce training program better.

What is it? Let’s ask Michigan Radio:

The Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNTJ) is a partnership between Michigan businesses and community colleges. Through the program, community colleges front the money for workers to go to school. Once workers are employed, their state income taxes pay the college back.

Remember, the MNTJ is a state program, created in 2008. So how would Stabenow’s federal bill, the New Skills for New Jobs Act, make it better?

Stabenow's New Skills for New Jobs Act provides a federal match equal to the state training reimbursement from programs like the Michigan New Jobs Training program. The federal government will provide reimbursement to the community college every quarter. By matching the state contribution generated from the new worker's income tax payments, the federal initiative will repay the community college more quickly and dramatically increase the number of eligible companies and workers that can participate.

Ohhh. Very cool, Sen. Stabenow. Very cool.

Read more about Sen. Stabenow's New Skills for New Jobs Act here.

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