Chrysler and Carhartt partner on clothing line

Posted by LDonia on 12/05/2012


Two iconic American brands announced a partnership last week.

Automaker Chrysler is teaming up with apparel company Carhartt to create “Imported from Detroit,” a limited-edition clothing line.

Carhartt has been making its apparel in the United States since the 1800s. According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, Saad Chehab, CEO of Chrysler said:

'Carhartt ... and its more than 100 years of history stands for something that is similar to us…They stand for hard work ... and they stand for pride and building great things and so do we.'

The Detroit Free Press article also specifies:

While the merchandise is made in the U.S., the outerwear and dungarees are produced at Carhartt's plants in Kentucky and Camden, Tenn., according to company spokeswoman Erica Salomon.

To start, Carhartt will produce 200 pieces of each of the nine items in the line. Each piece will be numbered. Depending on sales, they may produce another run.

Read more here.

Image taken from Carhartt website.

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