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Posted by LDonia on 10/10/2012

clockOctober brings with it many things: cooler weather (in some places), baseball post-season, and Halloween, to name a few.  But did you know that it’s also National Clock Month?

So to properly commemorate this lesser known part of October, we wanted to share an American-made clock.

Chelsea, Massachusetts-based Chelsea Clock has been operating from the same factory for 115 years. Each of their clocks is hand-assembled in the factory, and many include hand-crafted details such as etching.

As with many companies that make their products in the United States, not all the clocks are made entirely of American-made pieces. Some of the clocks contain German-made movements, so if it is important to you to find one made entirely with American-made pieces, be sure to read the descriptions carefully.

Image from Chelsea Clock's website.

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