Checking Wal-Mart's Shelves for American-made goods, Part 3

Posted by scapozzola on 05/17/2011

ManufactureThis has been looking at Wal-Mart stores for the past few days, checking to see if the retail chain is indeed living up to its claim of selling more Made in USA goods.  So far, the answer in both Indiana and Colorado was "NO."

Fortunately, we've found some more encouraging news from Madison, Wisconsin.  As Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Field Coordinator Meghan McKeefry reports, her local Wal-Mart offers some good, USA-made products:

I spent 20 minutes at a Wal-Mart in Madison, Wisconsin.  I browsed the Home and Garden area, and Housewares.  I have to tell you I was very surprised at how many products I found that were made in the USA.  All the garden hoses were USA, and the hose reels USA.  All the miracle grow products were USA.  All the clay planting pots were USA.  (except the glazed colored ones-- ALL CHINA).  ALL the FLAGS were USA.  Lots of toys that were USA-- all the big Little Tikes play sets were USA.

Meghan also found a number of Made in China items:

Most of the barbecue grills were made in China.  Those topsy turvy tomato and strawberry planters are made in China.  In the housewares, I saw a lot of Chinese dishes and utensils, but there were options of similar products made in USA. Of the 6 different cutting boards, 3 were USA, 3 China.  All the Rubbermaid, Purex, Corelle products were USA.  There were a lot of glasses and bowls that were clear glassware made in USA.  There was also glassware from China on the next shelf.   What I found is that while there are many and a likely majority Chinese products, there are plenty of USA ones.

Wal-Mart originally built its brand on being "Made in America," then led the charge on outsourcing.  We're hoping to see them follow through on a renewed Made in USA trend with the aisles of Wal-Mart filled with many American-made goods.

Stay tuned for more reports.

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