Celebrate the Holiday Weekend with American Apparel

Posted by LRaup on 04/18/2014

With the holiday weekend fast approaching, who wouldn’t want an American-made outfit to show off to family and friends?

Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), we love a good Made in USA get-up. And if you’re looking for the perfect one for this weekend’s festivities (or any day, for that matter), American Apparel is the place to go. They make clothing for all ages as well as for men, women, and kids.

American Apparel was originally founded by Dov Charney in 1989, with their first location in South Carolina. In 1997, the company moved to Los Angeles, and in 2000 to their current location in downtown Los Angeles. The company controls every aspect of their apparel manufacturing and production via their Downtown L.A. factory. Here’s what American Apparel has to say:

The American Apparel factory is the largest sewing facility in North America. We believe that having manufacturing under the same roof as design, marketing, accounting, retail and distribution gives us the ability to quickly mobilize all departments, to respond directly to changes in the market, and to have complete visibility over our product - start to finish. An added bonus - this business model is inherently sustainable.

American Apparel plays a role in keeping manufacturing industries alive in the U.S.A and reduces the rate of unemployment. As their website proudly states:

The jobs we create aren't just jobs, they are good jobs--jobs that support families and communities.
We employ more than 5,000 people in our LA area manufacturing facilities, making us one of the largest apparel manufacturing employers in the country. This, in a state with unprecedented unemployment and an unprecedented budget deficit. American Apparel keeps Californians, keeps Americans, working, and in doing so contributes millions of dollars annually to the State and country's tax base, as well as the local economies in which our employees live.

Head over to American Apparel’s website to find an abundance of American made goodies.

For all your other needs for this holiday weekend, check out the AFL-CIO’s union-made-in-America Easter list.



This blog post was written by AAM intern Pamela Tom-Jack.

Images via Yelp.



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