A case for regional manufacturing institutes

Posted by TGarland on 10/17/2013

As we noted in this morning's Early Shift, universities in the Pacific Northwest are working together to create a “regional innovative manufacturing facility” in both Oregon and Washington to help small- and medium-sized manufacturers apply advanced technologies during production.

In Washington, the manufacturing facility would educate employees about the real-world application of carbon composite technologies,  while the facility in Oregon would focus on electronics manufacturing. The hope is that these techniques are successful and can be applied across the country to benefit the transportation industry.

This is exactly the kind of work needed to ensure a competitive American manufacturing sector. ReMaking America author Stacey Jarrett Wagner makes the case for these manufacturing institutes:

These would serve as regional hubs of manufacturing excellence to make manufacturers more competitive and encourage investment in the United States. The proposed network has been endorsed by the federal government’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) Steering Committee. The AMP’s final recommendations outlined a set of actions designed to enable innovation, strengthen the U.S. workforce and accelerate investment in America. These institutes and the network should be quickly established.

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