Campaigns and political parties take note: We've got the key to attracting voters

Posted by LDonia on 03/03/2014

An article in this weekend's New York Times caught the collective eye of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM). Jackie Calmes wrote about the efforts of some Democratic groups in Michigan who are making to attract white male voters. Said Calmes:

It is a challenge that runs throughout the nation’s industrial heartland, in farm states and across the South, after a half-century of economic, demographic and cultural shifts that have reshaped the electorate. Even in places like Michigan, where it has been decades since union membership lists readily predicted Democratic votes, many in the party pay so little attention to white working-class men that it suggests they have effectively given up on converting them.

Now let's be very clear: AAM is not political. We do not support one party over the other, nor do we endorse candidates. But we can and do offer unsolicited advice to anyone, of any party or general political creed, who wants to attract voters. And here's that advice in three words: Support manufacturing jobs.

You may remember AAM 's poll from not so long ago showing, unequivocally, that American voters see manufacturing as the key to a strong economy.

You may even have read that and thought to yourself, "well yes, of course, what else would it be?" That would be an absolutely reasonable response. Because, to truly attact a plurality of voters, you must talk about manufacturing.

Not convinced? Check out what else our poll said:

  • Manufacturing job loss is the top concern among voters.
  • By a 2-1 margin, voters favor a focus on job creation over deficit reduction
  • Voters see U.S. policies as the #1 obstacle to manufacturing job creation.
  • Voters universally value American manufacturing, its workers and products. 95% have a favorable view of American-made products, while 23% have a favorable view of items made in China.

Our point? Manufacturing is a winning issue for voters. They care about it, will talk about it, and want to hear about it. And if you're trying to attract voters to your party, campaign, or organization, you should be talking about it as well.

Check out more findings from our 2014 poll of voters here.

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