Bringing new meaning to 'Keeping it made in the USA'

Posted by LDonia on 09/18/2013

Often, in discussions of outsourcing, the conversation turns to all the things "America used to make." Depending on the people involved in the discussion those "things" may, more cars, car parts, electronics. You name it.

We wonder though, how many of those conversations focus on handmade watch movements. You know, the gears in mechanical watches. According to an article by David Browne that ran in Men's Journal last year, mechanical watches only account for 10% of the watch market in the world.

That fact makes the following piece of information even more impressive:

Considering how small the market is for these watches, Pennsylvania-based RGM certainly could have sent all of its watch movement work overseas, but it didn't.

Interested in what that work might look like? The company has some behind the scenes videos on its site.

Image from RGM's facebook page.

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