A Boy Scout badge in advanced manufacturing?

Posted by TGarland on 03/10/2014

The Boy Scouts of America and advanced manufacturing. Together at last.

Yep, you read that right. A Boy Scout troop in Rochester, Massachusetts hopes to add an advanced manufacturing merit badge to the organization.

According to the organization, a badge has to promote a hobby or career interest consistent with the aims of Scouting, which include community involvement, environmental stewardship, career development, and leadership.

Doug Cullen, assistant Scout master for Troop 123, said this badge is an important addition:

A manufacturing merit badge would be a great addition to Scouting skills development. Plus, it would be yet another way to enhance how manufacturing is a traditional, yet also contemporary, career path — especially given the integration of newer technologies.

Traditional, yet contemporary.The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) couldn’t agree more, Mr. Cullen.

Manufacturing provides a well-paying, stable career for millions of Americans across the country. Yet, many students in elementary and high school are not presented with this as a viable career option. A national merit badge in advanced manufacturing is a long way off yet, noted Cullen. All the same, we definitely like the idea of introducing manufacturing to thousands of scouts across the country.

And you know what would be even cooler? A Girl Scout manufacturing badge!

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