The Bay Bridge-- sourced from China, and having a BIG carbon footprint

Posted by scapozzola on 07/20/2011

We've reported at various times on California’s decision to source the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge largely from China.  Their decision has proven questionable, especially because of cost overruns due to unsafe steel welds.
MetalMiner has raised additional concerns about the project, pointing out that California somehow overlooked the matter of China's lack of environmental standards in steel production:

Not surprisingly, Roger Ferch, executive director of the National Steel Bridge Alliance, submitted an open letter to the NY Times (that was not published) in which he cited large cost over-runs, the loss of US jobs as well as poor environmental stewardship in the Caltrans award decision. MetalMiner reviewed both the NSBA letter to the Times editor and spoke with Brian Raff, NSBA’s marketing director, to verify how the trade association calculated the cost over-run.

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