August 29, 2011 Headlines: The Need for Manufacturing Jobs, Chinese Repression, Government Failure on Jobs, and More

Posted by smorgante on 08/29/2011

NYT: The New York Times asks if America needs manufacturing jobs.

CEPR: What does the math say about that?

WSJ: Recently released dissident Ai Weiwei opens up on the “Two Beijings”.

WSJ: At the Kansas City Fed’s Jackson Hole conference, Dani Rodrik argues that China and other emerging economies will face challenges that make overtaking the U.S. harder than it appears.

NYT: Nicholas Kristof on the failure of the government to do anything about the unemployment, and the failure of the media to speak up.

WaPo: When will the government sell their stake in GM?

NYT: Thomas Friedman sees that we’re at a major turning point for the global economy, and entering uncharted waters.

WaPo: Milbank: More action is needed on jobs.

NYT: Washington isn’t sharing the nation’s economic woes.

USW Blog: Americans want to work.

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