April 5, 2011 Headlines: China's Inflation, American Ingenuity, and More

Posted by smorgante on 04/05/2011

WSJ: China’s Central Bank raises interest rates to head off inflation. (It could do the same thing by raising the value of the Yuan!)

PT: Look at what happens when labor and management cooperate: inside the Steelworkers-US Steel relationship. 

Naked Capitalism: Dr. Doom says China is in for a “hard landing” in a few years. 

WSJ: The SEC is looking at backdoor mergers by Chinese companies. 

NYT: American manufacturing ingenuity at work: Navistar develops a low-emissions truck engine. 

NYT: Joe Nocera writes, who could blame GE for trying to lower its taxes? (Our point exactly: blame the system, not the company.)

WaPo: U.S. prices are headed up; wages, not so much

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