April 4, 2014: A poor jobs report confirms that "It's not the robots nor the weather..."

Posted by TGarland on 04/04/2014

Good morning,

Happy Friday, and welcome to the Jobs Day Early Shift. We’ve been combing through a big week in data land with a new employment report and new trade figures. And guess what?  Although the #AAMeter saw a bump upward, March’s manufacuturing jobs numbers weren’t so good.

Exactly how bad were they? Well…

You read that right. March was the month economists were looking at to either confirm or deny reports that a bad winter was responsible for the poor jobs numbers as of late. But, alas, it wasn’t the weather.  As Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul stated:

It's not the robots nor the weather. There are still more manufacturing jobs leaving the U.S. than coming back. It doesn’t have to be this way. Lowering the trade deficit, investing in infrastructure, and boosting worker training could help to get us back on track.

That trade deficit Paul speaks of grew to $42.3 billion in February. If the president wants to create 1 million manufacturing jobs by the end of his second term, he should tackle the trade deficit. We’ve got the entire blueprint right here for the manufacturing resurgence that the president and Congress should be following.

So what else is happening out there?

Just in case you needed a reminder of what those lost manufacturing jobs look like: Photographer Paul Raphaelson takes us inside the soon-to-be demolished Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn. The gallery is haunting. (Photo credit Paul Raphaelson)

ICYMI: The United Steelworkers (USW) and AAM hosted President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership 2.0 in Akron, Ohio this week. USW President Leo Gerard explained why all manufacturing—whether it’s considered traditional or new technology—needs to move forward:

All manufacturing in America can and must advance. This doesn’t just mean developing new technologies, but also the supply chains for components for those new technologies made by the same folks who have been building America for more than a century.

Lastly, our favorite American-made sneaker company reminds us why it makes sense to manufacture in the U.S. New Balance CEO Robert DeMatrini says rising labor costs in foreign markets and proximity to the customer for customization, provides New Balance with a reason to keep it local.

And that’s it. That’s it and that’s all for this Friday’s Early Shift. Have a good weekend, everybody. And dare we say: enjoy the weather?


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