April 27, 2011 Headlines: The Fed's first Press Conference, Chinese Policies Hurt U.S. Jobs, and More

Posted by smorgante on 04/27/2011

NYT: Today the Fed will hold its first ever press conference. Here’s a good question from the article: Why has Mr. Bernanke decided to accept widespread unemployment for years on end, even though he believes he has the power to reduce it? 

Chinese mercantilist policies (WaPo)  are hurting (The Hill) US businesses. And still, no mention of currency.

MBT: What do people know about manufacturing? More than you’d think.

WSJ: India is preparing a plan to promote domestic “mega-steel” projects.  Why doesn’t the U.S. Have a similar plan? 

Reuters: Is China’s one-child policy destroying the tax base of an aging nation?

Reuters: Should old U.S. machinery go to Chinese companies?

FT: The Chrysler bailout worked.  What can this tell us about the future of the auto industry?

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