April 11, 2014: Cherry blossoms!

Posted by mmcmullan on 04/11/2014

Good morning,

And welcome to the Early Shift. Spring is here, everybody! In DC, that means cherry blossoms:

But it’s not all pink flowers out there. What have we been reading about this week?

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks. The TPP trade negotiations are ongoing, but despite stonewalling from the Obama administration, legislators in Washington are still urging that provisions on currency manipulation should be part of any finished deal. Read what Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Sandy Levin have to say on the subject.

China’s financial markets on shaky ground? The Washington Post’s David Ignatius takes a look and doesn’t like what he sees.

China remains an opaque country, and even the most knowledgeable experts say they aren’t sure how to read the tea leaves. But the warning signs are growing that, after decades of economic expansion and exploding wealth, China is moving toward the scary side of the perpetual seesaw between greed and fear that drives financial markets.

And ICYMI, here’s a good, quick read: Dunstan Prial writes for Fox Business News that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, quarterback of the world’s largest economy, has a megaphone and knows how to effectively use it to fight unemployment.  

And that’s it. That’s it and that’s all, America. Have a great weekend, and we’ll catch up with you on Monday.


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