Another look at why we need a national manufacturing strategy

Posted by Anonymous on 04/28/2011

In an article published in Fabricating and Metalwork, author Mike Riley explains why it is absolutely imperative that the U.S. adopt a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy.

He argues that although American manufacturing is experiencing an economic rebound, it will be impossible to sustain this growth without the help of a government-sanctioned plan to ensure that U.S. manufacturers remain competitive in the global marketplace:

“If things are going well now, why must our federal government have some sort of new role in how 300,000 small and mid-sized private American manufacturers conduct their business? Because manufacturers – all manufacturers – now compete in the global business environment of a new industrial era."

Riley cites a recent statement made by Doug Woods, the president of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), that sums up this sentiment nicely:

“U.S. manufacturers must learn that the entire game has changed,” explains Woods. “Their customers have gone global to benefit from cost advantages, address regional tastes, provide assurances through proximity, and reduce logistical challenges. Suppliers to these companies need to see these advantages and take advantage of them also.”

In order for U.S. manufacturers to thrive in this new era of global commerce, Riley contends that "the playing field must be level," and that "this can only be accomplished by embracing a national strategy that maximizes our government’s impact and leadership in ensuring a healthy and competitive manufacturing base."

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) agrees with Riley’s stance on the need for a national manufacturing strategy, and have outlined what a comprehensive plan must include in order strengthen domestic manufacturing and reform our trade policies. Such a strategy is urgently needed to create more exports, more jobs, more innovation, and more growth.

Click here to view AAM's plan for a 'National Manufacturing Strategy.'

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