American-made socks that are built to withstand cold, snowy weather

Posted by LDonia on 02/08/2013

For anyone with regular access to a TV, internet, or newspaper, word of a certain snowstorm is entirely unavoidable today.

In the spirit of keeping our Fashion Friday segment topical, we wanted to share something that may be beneficial to those who will be dealing with snow in the days and weeks to come.

Vermont-made Darn Tough socks are serious business. Intended for skiing, hiking, running, and hunting, these socks are crafted for action...even if that action is shoveling a driveway. More importantly, the socks are made to be worn with boots.

Granted, ordering them online may not do you any good, as they likely won't make it to you anytime soon. However, if you are not in any blizzard danger for the next hour or two, Darn Tough's website lists stores around the area that carry its socks.

Check out Darn Tough here.

Image from Darn Tough's website.


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