American-made hiking apparel

Posted by LDonia on 09/28/2012

Cool weather often means time spent outdoors. If you're gearing up for some autumn hikes, why not make sure your apparel is made in America?


Here are some companies making outdoor attire in the United States. You can see samples of their products in the image above.

1.) The men's and women's jackets pictured were manufactured by Akwa. While the company's website does not specify the state where clothes are manufactured, it does reiterate the company's commitment to producing its products domestically.

2.) Wintergreen Northern Wear, a 25-year-old company, makes both men's and women's pants in Ely, MN.

3.) The socks were made by Darn Tough, a 30-year-old company in Northfield, VT.

4.) Portland, OR-based Danner made the boots (intended for wear by both men and women).

5.) The backpack was manufactured by Equinox in Williamsport, PA.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 46 weeks ago

Better Hiking Product - Ion Infusioned Clothing

I am just curious - does any American manufacturer use negative ion infusioned materials in their product lines. I have heard that clothing with imprinted negative ions neutralize harmful health issues.

This technology has proven benefits and now is taking Europe by storm. It was invented by Swiss Energize.

They say that additional costs for clothing manufacturers are very low but provide a competitive advantage. Negative ion infusion allows manufacturers to claim "green" flag also.

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