American-made gifts: U.S. Bones

Posted by LDonia on 12/18/2012

BoneTo date, all of our gift suggestions have been intended for people, but no worries, we know many of you buy gifts for your pet as well.

A good place to find American-made pet gifts is U.S. Bones.

This site is unique because it also raises charitable donations. At the top of the main page you'll see an option to select a partner group. You can choose an animal shelter or rescue group from the list (and there are many) provided. Then, 25% of the value of your order will be donated to that organization.

While U.S. Bones was initially created to sell the Canine Butcher Shop brand of dog treats, the site has expanded to include other pet products, mostly made in the United States, with a few made in Canada (be sure to shop carefully).

U.S. Bones carries a variety of treats, supplements, food, and grooming implements for your pet. See those here.

Bonus: The previously mentioned American Made Dorm & Home has American-made dog bedrolls.

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