AAM's Scott Paul on CNN: Potential skepticism of Walmart plan to source more American-made goods

Posted by scapozzola on 02/01/2013

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 25 weeks ago

Walmart and American made products

I agree with you on Walmart's and their commitment to buying more American made products. I don't think this will happen! Their store in my area, Southern CA, are full of Mexican produce and foreign products. I can't find any type of panties or bra's that are made here.
I am trying to find out how much money China has invested in Mexican farms! This is a concern with me as the Mexican produce is putting our farmers out of business. They can't compete with the Mexican cheap produce. When Obama was elected in 08, he gave the green card workers a dollar an hour raise. They work on piece work and mim wages. This brings the hour rate to about 20.00 dollars an hour. Mexico gets water from the All American Canal. How will this be supportive of our food supply?
We can't support the amnesty and pay these people to be on Welfare and no jobs for the citizens of this country. The average green card worker or illegal, the family may be on Welfare and the father of the kids working for cash. NICE INCOME! THEY PAY NO TAXES! THEY ARE JUST A BURDEN TO OUR COUNTRY.

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