AAM's Scott Paul on CNN: Can President Obama Create 1 Million New Manufacturing Jobs by Jan. 2017?

Posted by scapozzola on 02/01/2013

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Obama's jobs by 2017

Obama hasn't done anything to create jobs here.
google GM jobs in China (13 new plants), Brazil (7 new plants). Total of 30 foreign countries with new plants. GE will spend 2 billion for a new plant in China.
What has Obama done to bring jobs to our country? We have more foreign products coming here now and our trade with Mexico is off the charts "out of balance". Is this because of the Chinese Mfg. plants in Mexico or is the products made in China and shipped here free through Mexico.
China can manipulate the products made there. I know one plant in China that was not able to get more than 50 % of the parts then needed for mfg plant here. How does that affect the building of a car or any product? Same with produce in any foreign country. They can manipulate our food supply after our country has stopped the farmers from farming here. Southern CA. CA government is paying the farmers here "not' to farm. Selling the water to San Diego! Why? Another government cost to the tax payers.

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