AAM's personal best moments of 2012

Posted by LDonia on 01/07/2013


Last week, ManufactureThis highlighted some of the bigger manufacturing moments of 2012. Today we want to shamelessly pat ourselves on the metaphorical back and tell you what we think are some of the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) best successes of 2012.

  • We started 2012 out strong, launching the ‘Should be Made in America’ campaign at the end of March. The campaign raised awareness about taxpayer dollars being spent on outsourced infrastructure projects. The campaign became highly visible after AAM posted billboards near the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge, saying “The Bay Bridge, 100% Foreign Steel.”

  • Barely a month later, the American Association of Political Consultants awarded AAM the Pollie 2012 Campaign Excellence Award for ‘Public Affairs Campaign of the Year.’ The award recognized AAM’s ability to shift the entire jobs debate in the U.S. toward a fundamental revival of American manufacturing.

  • We had a prolific summer and fall releasing both a poll and a major report. We worked with the Mellman Group and North Star Opinion Research, firms that poll for Democratic and Republican candidates respectively, to speak with voters across the country. We learned that in 2012, voters viewed manufacturing as “the irreplaceable core of a strong economy,” something candidates at all levels clearly took to heart, and discussed throughout the political campaign cycle.

  • In July we partnered with former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, and former Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, Colonel Robert B. Stephan, to release a review of U.S. disaster preparedness in light of our decreased ability to manufacture many necessities domestically. We found that the United States is at risk of being dangerously unprepared for serious emergencies because of the offshoring of critical manufacturing sectors and a reliance on foreign suppliers for products needed in the wake of catastrophic events. We hope 2013 will see a reversal of this trend.

  • After eight months of hard work by both our DC team and state coordinators, we were thrilled, in September, to see President Obama file a case with the World Trade Organization (WTO), taking action against China for subsidizing auto parts.

  • Similarly, we were happy to see, as previously mentioned, manufacturing take center stage in campaign ads for races at all levels. We released an analysis, following the election, which found that manufacturing, China, and outsourcing were the most mentioned issues in presidential TV campaign ads.

  • Finally, we closed out 2012 moving into a brand-new office space…one that’s almost entirely American-made. Pictures and more info coming soon.

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