#AAMeter Attracts National Attention

Posted by elizabethbb on 08/04/2014

Happy Monday, and welcome to the Early Shift.

Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), we’re still digesting all the coverage from Friday’s positive jobs report, which found that 28,000 manufacturing jobs were created in July. And we’re especially happy to see that several major news outlets cited our #AAMeter in stories about the report, including the Wall Street Journal:

While the latest numbers are an improvement, they underscore how much more hiring needs to occur for the U.S. to achieve one of President Barack Obama’s more ambitious economic goals: To add 1 million manufacturing jobs during his second term. The Alliance for American Manufacturing, which tracks progress on this, notes the U.S. remains 805,000 jobs short of that goal.

'Manufacturing punched above its weight in July, showing that a rebound in the sector is possible,' said the group’s president, Scott Paul. 'But we still have a long way to go.'

The alliance—an advocacy group for U.S.-based production funded by both business and labor—notes the U.S. will need to add an average of 27,758 each month for the rest of President Obama’s term to meet the goal.

The New York Times also included AAM in its coverage, as did Industry Week and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, pointed out that while the private sector now has the same number of jobs that it had before the Great Recession, manufacturing has only recovered a third of the jobs lost in the downturn.

What’s Ahead

While the start of the Congressional recess means that August should be fairly quiet on the policy front, we do expect a little news on Wednesday, when the Commerce Department is slated to unveil the latest trade figures.

And keep an eye out on the blog for our thoughts on this tremendous Sunday New York Times story, which looks at the devastating impact that the shuttering of the Great Northern Paper mill had on the town of Millinocket, ME. While we spend a lot of our time at AAM talking numbers, the article showcases what’s truly at stake in our work to protect and support American manufacturing jobs. It’s definitely worth a read.

-Team AAM

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