5 ways you can help Save Our Steel Jobs

Posted by TGarland on 05/22/2014

American steel jobs are in jeopardy. A surge of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) imports, primarily from South Korea, is flooding the U.S. market. This foreign steel pipe is "dumped"-- priced below fair value and exported in deceptive ways that are designed to circumvent international trade laws.

In July 2013, domestic steel producers filed a trade case that is now pending at the U.S. Department of Commerce. A final decision will be made in early-July 2014.  It is critical that our government fully investigate this cheating.

Stand with us and urge our government to save our steel jobs.

1. Get the facts. Visit our website.  Read the details of this trade dispute, and the threat it poses for American workers.

At a time of high demand for OCTG, the U.S. steel industry is being squeezed by dumped imports from South Korea and other nations. Failing to fully enforce our trade laws puts American jobs on the line and risks outsourcing the benefits of America’s energy boom. Thousands of workers will be left vulnerable.

  • OCTG imports doubled from 850,000 tons in 2010 to 1.8 million tons in 2012, a 113% increase.
  • Dumped OCTG imports from South Korea accounted for half of that amount.
  • Foreign imports are often sold at hundreds of dollars per ton less than domestic OCTG products.
  • Domestic industry operating margins fell from 13.6% to 9.8%.

The United States has trade remediews that serve as the last line of defense for American firms and workers in the face of trade cheating. But when the rules are not effectively enforced, U.S. producers lose sales and profits that go into innovation, plant expansions, and hiring American workers.

2. Join the conversation online. We’re talking about this issue using #SOSJobs.

3. Come out and join us. Watch video of our previous rallies, and join us in Texas, Alabama, or Minnesota.

4. Take action. Send your elected officials a letter calling on them to stand up for enforcing our trade laws.

5. Spread the word. Share this website with your friends and family, and tell them to take action too!

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