5 takeaways from #SOSJobs Lone Star Rally

Posted by TGarland on 06/02/2014

Today, the Alliance for American Manufacturing 9AAM) joined citizens, workers, and state and federal legislators in Texas to rally in support of steel jobs at U.S. Steel’s Lone Star Tubular Operations facility.

Why? What’s the problem?

The products produced there –- called oil country tubular goods (OCTG) –- are used for energy exploration. OCTG provides the infrastructure for America’s boom in oil and natural gas production. You could even say it’s underpinning America’s shift to energy independence.

But America’s domestic producers of OCTG are in danger of being swamped by illegal competition. By dumping their OCTG products in the American market at prices far below fair value, overseas producers are putting America’s steel jobs at risk.

1. A crowd of 1,000+ Texans showed up today in Lone Star to stand with us and urge our government to save our steel jobs.


2. Rep. Ralph Hall reminded Texans why it’s important to keep the pressure on the Department of Commerce.


3. Texas State Representative Dave Simpson knows that when the rules are enforced and the playing field is level, U.S. workers can compete and win.


4. United Steelworker Chad Wilson reminds us that this isn’t politics, it’s about jobs.


5. Local business leaders and students know that this trade case puts jobs at risk inside and outside the factory gates.

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